Let's face it, the brand new OFSC Interactive Trail Guide has had mixed reviews in its first season
Please take 5 minutes to answer some questions to help us make this the best trail status tool for YOU!
How would you compare the new Interactive Trail Guide to the previous version? *

What do you miss most about the app? *

This year, with the launch of the new ITG, we turned off the trail data on the old application to ensure you had access to the only single source of trail availability data and to avoid confusion and risk of misinformation. With the new ITG being mobile responsive, you can still view and use all functionality from any mobile device but we hear you and understand many of you want the app back. To assist us with planning, please tell us what you are missing from the old app that you can’t do on the new platform. (CHOOSE ONE) *

Next to checking trail status, its primary function, what do you use the trail guide for most? *

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